Upcoming FRAUC Contributions to RAUC Student Experiences

Welcome back to a new school year at Rindge Avenue Upper Campus. We welcome new 6th grade students and families, and celebrate the returning 7th and 8th students and families for their continued support. Families of RAUC is a non-profit parent/caregiver volunteer group that supports the RAUC student, teacher, and family community.

Our 7th Grade RAUC Students are going to enjoy a team building exploration trip to George’s Island part of the Boston Harbor Islands City Cruises. Students will be able to see and learn more about the Civil War era – Fort Warren, named after the famous Dr. Joseph Warren. They will be able to explore the nooks and open areas that the 28 acre island has to offer, as well as the Boston Harbor views on their 40 minute ferry rides.

Families of RAUC are working to secure 2 charter buses (as school buses were not available for the timing of the trip) to provide transportation to Mount Monadnock for a longer day trip for our 8th Grade students toward the end of October. This trip brings the teachers and students together to help set goals and accomplish them. This is a great way to start the year off strong as a unit. Going to Mount Monadnock was an 8th Grade tradition at RAUC and we are delighted to help bring it back.

Families of RAUC have contributed the majority of the funding to cover the costs of these 2 trips through our Staff Grants. Staff Grants are submitted by teachers who are requesting additional funding for community building and enriching experiences that might not have been possible without the help from Families of RAUC funds. Your donations and support year after year make this possible. Thank you so much!

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