1/22/22 – 6th Graders Create Social Justice Picture Books (photos)

Sixth graders’ social justice picture books, created for young readers, were a huge success. FRAUC helped with funds for bookbinding. See photos of some of their work at the end of this post!

From Ms. Saillant, their Social Studies teacher:

Thank you FRAUC! It was a blast working with students in our Social Justice Picture Books lit block! They are super proud of publishing their first children’s book on an issue of justice they were passionate about. My goal is to bring this into the social studies classroom so all 6th graders will have an opportunity to publish a story.

This project helps enrich RAUC curricula in that it provides students with an opportunity to do interdisciplinary work (e.g. Social studies and English Language Arts) and apply skills they’re learning and specific content to things that they are personally passionate about. Literacy blocks are elective courses that fall outside the classroom budgets.

From Bear Minimum.
From Everyone Belongs in School.
From Height.
From Fair Housing.

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