1/21/22 – “Altered Apparel” club fights fast fashion (photos).

Altered Apparel is a popular after school club facilitated by Ms. Victoria Leggett. As part of our grants to teachers program, FRAUC funded fabric and other supplies for the club. Some of the work is displayed below!

Here’s what Ms. Leggett says about their creative work:

“[Altered Apparel provides] a way to explore their creativity in a new format while also reflecting on themselves to discover their personal styles and identity. Through exploring more folk art mediums they get to get in touch with the cultural and historical roots that our current methods derive from.

“I teach the students different skills to customize their clothes with their own two hands like embroidery, fabric painting, embellishing, and more. The main ideas behind it is to give students agency over their style to fit their identity, build accessible/affordable skills, and fight fast fashion.”

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