12/23/21 RAUC Staff Comfort Food/Appreciation Days

To show RAUC staff how much our community appreciates their hard work this year, FRAUC organized two staff appreciation comfort food events. On Friday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 22, RAUC caregivers brought in homemade and store-bought baked goods, fruit, yogurt, tea, seltzers, juice, hot coffee, and countless other treats. To-go bags were included so staff could bring extras home. 

Students and families made signs and cards to express their support and love for all RAUC staff, including teachers, cafeteria workers, custodians, administrators, support staff–everyone who has kept our school running and cared for our students during this hard time.

FRAUC wanted to support local businesses in this effort, as well, so Lilli Smith (our new Secretary and organizer of the event) collected cash donations from caregivers. She purchased some of the food from Revival Cafe for the first event. For the second event, donations went to three $100 gift cards at Pemberton Market (around the corner, and a popular lunch spot for staff). Each of the advisory team leaders received a gift card to use to treat their team. 

Thanks to the many households who contributed time, errands, cash, food, and effort! It made a difference!


12/21/21 FRAUC Meeting & Grant Application

FRAUC met on zoom on Thursday, 12-16-21, with a few udates as well as some good discussion about future directions for FRAUC funding, and a smooth process for applying for grants from FRAUC.

Financials. Our Treasurer, Sean Peirce, reported that we have $31,073 in our account. Lilli Smith reported that we have about $100 in her venmo account to cover any gaps in the second of two Staff Comfort Food/Appreciation events, to be held this Wednesday 12/22/21. 

Co-Chair Deirdre Logan has drafted an end-of-year  fundraising appeal that Julia Ho will send out to all RAUC families next week. We noted that past Washington, DC trips (the last one in Spring 2019) have required $25K in the account and that might increase in the future.

Grants for Teachers, Clubs, Projects, Trips. One function of FRAUC is to fund curriculum enrichment that might not be funded through the annual school budget. We recognized we need to be as nimble as possible when funds are requested because they are sometimes time-sensitive. We reviewed and approved a new form here to streamline the process for RAUC staff requesting a grant. We invite RAUC staff to go ahead and apply.

Bookbinding request for funding. Sixth grade Social Studies teacher Gisel Saillant’s students have been creating books about social justice. She would like funds to be able to afford binding the books and estimates the cost will be about $240. We approved the funds from FRAUC with hopes she could also test out the form. Julia Ho will convey the link to her to get the process going. 

Ideas for future FRAUC-supported activities. We had a rich discussion about possible programs to support in the future. One RAUC parent will be offering calligraphy as a club starting after the break. Perhaps students might donate their work for a RAUC community auction, or bidding could start after an exhibition of student work. We also discussed exhibiting at the O’Neill library, partnering with the Museum of Science (one parent works there), or showcasing news from the literacy block. Fundraising could be combined with exhibitions or and funds donated for prizes for competitions of student work. The school does not have club funding in their budget so FRAUC could do more in the future. 

Succession. We discussed the need for a secretary position, with meeting notes and web updates built into the role. Lilli Smith volunteered and was gladly accepted into the secretary position. Welcome, Lilli!

Sean Peirce has agreed to stay on as Treasurer next year, as his second child enters RAUC.

FRAUC will need a new co-chair in February, when Deirdre Logan steps down after 5 years (!). Another co-chair is needed for June when Tracy Walton moves on. We discussed a possible meeting with Friends of Peabody and Friends of Baldwin to ask about volunteers there. 

Next meeting is Wednesday January 19th, 8 am on zoom. 

Julia Ho will send the meeting link out to the RAUC community the day before.


12/2/21 FRAUC Organizes Comfort Food for Staff

As the New Year approaches, we are showing our staff at RAUC how much we appreciate everything they do. The Families of RAUC (FRAUC) is organizing 2 “comfort food” staff support days: 

Friday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 22. 

Please sign up here to contribute baked goods, thank-you cards, or money to cover food!   

Pick 1, 2 or 3 ways to help express our appreciation for RAUC staff. 

  1. Sign up to bring in baked goods or beverages. There are slots for each date. Suggest contributing 1-doz items per family or enough to feed ~10-12 people.  
    • Dates:  Friday Dec 10 and Wednesday Dec 22
    • Ideas:  Cookies, muffins, scones, breads, cupcakes, donuts, bagels, biscuits, granola bars, fruit bowl, yogurts, apple cider, sparkling water, danishes,  paper products…They can be home baked or store-bought. (please include ingredients list for homemade items)
  1. No time to bake or buy? Make a CASH donation (via Venmo) for delivery from  Davis Square Union Square Donuts, or baked goods from Revival.  Donations in any amount can be sent to @Lilli-Smith (confirm 5869)  
  1. Make RAUC staff appreciation cards and signs – e.g., “We love our RAUC Staff!” “RockRAUCS! Love the X household, or love FRAUC)  – drop off at Tracy’s porch–email us for the address, any time between Dec 4-20.

Thank you for helping out!

Lilli Smith, Organizer

Deirdre Logan and Tracy Walton, FRAUC Co-Chairs