11/21/21 Grant Opportunities for Enrichment available through FRAUC

One mission of Families of RAUC is to support enrichment activities for students that are not covered by the school’s budget allocation. As a result of last week’s meeting, FRAUC will again be encouraging RAUC staff to request funds for enrichment activities such as field trips (all within one hour drive per CPS pandemic policy), clubs, and classroom activities. 

RAUC caregiver Lilli Smith has reworked our Grant Application for teachers and club facilitators to complete to request FRAUC financial support. It will be approved shortly. Meanwhile, we encourage them to reach out to us!


11/18/21 FRAUC in Pandemic Times (DC Trip, and How to Use FRAUC $)

Yesterday’s Families of RAUC (FRAUC) meeting took place outside in chilly Bergin Park, across Haskell Street from the School. Head of School Julie Craven spoke to us about school activities for the 2021-2022 school year. 

As part of that, we discussed the future of the traditional RAUC 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. This trip is popular with students and staff, a culmination of the 8th grade civics curriculum and a capstone of the middle school experience. FRAUC raises about $25,000–mostly through an annual gala and silent auction–to help fund the trip, with the goal that every student should be able to attend if they choose.

Although RAUC has been the only middle school in the city to continue the tradition in recent years, plans were interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Now, in our third school year affected by the pandemic, and with CPS field trips currently limited to one hour away from the school, the trip seems unlikely to happen in Spring 2022. FRAUC members remain hopeful about reviving it for Spring 2023 8th graders.

With funds raised for the trip, we discussed alternative ways to support the school. Ms. Craven asked FRAUC for support of a principal’s discretionary fund for expenses that come up that are not covered by the school budget: enrichment activities, family needs and other expenses that come up. FRAUC voted to allocate $1,000 to that purpose in the coming months. We had already allocated $500 for the snack cupboard at our October 2021 meeting, but it is not currently needed now that the cupboard is full. Those snack funds stand at the ready for future needs.


11/10/21 FRAUC Purchases New Drums for Percussion Program

Urban Legends is a popular RAUC class, and the percussion program was in high demand this fall. RAUC needed additional drums to accommodate as many students as possible. FRAUC found a 15% off deal, spending about $1,400 to purchase 3 marching snare drums and 4 concert snare drums for the school. One alert FRAUC caregiver even scoured the internet for local giveaways and found an additional snare on their local BuyNothing page.

 Most drums have come in, although some are still on backorder. Along with harnesses and a pile of new drumsticks purchased by the school, RAUC now has 8 new drums!  


11/1/21 FRAUC Meetings: How and When?

Here is are meeting dates for the rest of the 2021-2022 school year. Meetings are in-person and on Zoom, depending on the weather and the season.

How to access Zoom meetings: When meetings are held on Zoom, Julia Ho, RAUC Family Partnership Coordinator, sends out the Zoom link to all RAUC families and caregivers. To get additional updates from FRAUC co-chairs, write to and ask to be on our email list.


All meetings are 8am- 8:45am. 9am if discussion is robust. 😉

Thursday Dec 16 on Zoom.

Wednesday January 19th on Zoom.

Thursday February 17th on Zoom.

Wednesday March 16th in person at Bergin Park if weather permits; on Zoom if not.

Thursday April 29th in person at Bergin Park if weather permits; on Zoom if not.

Wednesday May 18th in person at Bergin Park if weather permits; on Zoom if not.

Thursday Jun 16th in person at Bergin Park if weather permits; on Zoom if not. This is the final meeting of the school year.

We toggle between Wednesday and Thursday mornings to accommodate as many people as possible.

How to find out about the meeting? All meetings are announced in the Tuesday weekly RAUC newsletter. Zoom links are not available there due to security reasons, but Julia Ho sends out the link to all RAUC households a few hours or a day before each meeting.