10/15/21 Important Updates at FRAUC Meeting

FRAUC met on Zoom yesterday, with updates on several key matters.

Treasury report. Sean Peirce, FRAUC Treasurer, reported little in and out of the bank account but that the balance was $32,000 plus. 

FRAUC Website. Aran Nathanson, who collaborated with a CRLS student to update the website to WordPress this year, reported that they are working on improving the site for mobile users. He suggested that FRAUC could include minutes of meetings as PDFs on the site, and that new content should be added as we haven’t added news for a few months during pandemic times. 

School dances. FRAUC typically helps organize school dances–3 per year, each sponsored by one grade. There is an extensive step-by-step guide on the FRAUC google drive for caregivers planning the dances. The Fall dance is organized by 7th graders, Winter by 6th graders, and Spring by 6th graders. Tickets are sold and FRAUC sets up a concession stand. This year, as has been since March 2020, school dances are on hold. We discussed other possible outdoor school gatherings such as ice skating, an outdoor dance, a music festival in one of the fields, and other ideas. 

Friday Night Hype for Upper School Students. 

There is another option organized by the district once per month for middle-schoolers: Friday Night Hype. It typically takes place outside or in the CRLS Field House, and fun activities are organized by grade. A hot meal is served and mentorship, guest speakers, and games are played. We discussed the idea of FRAUC organizing a supervised trip to Friday Night Hype and foot the bill for the T. 

Snack Cupboard. We talked about the need to stock the snack cupboard at RAUC, so students have access to healthy snacks during the day when needed. Julia Ho agreed to supply a list of snacks ordered through the school nutrition department. FRAUC voted to allot $500 to the Snack Cupboard when needed. 

DC Trip. Julia Ho spoke about the difficulties planning a DC trip for 8th graders this year. Travel, logistics, COVID precautions, and the current district requirement that field trips be no more than an hour’s drive from the school will likely prohibit a Spring 2022 trip. We might want to think about funding shorter trips for each grade that could meet some of the pedagogical goals of the traditional DC trip, or just provide fun, outdoor days away from the school. Head of School Julie Craven will talk with FRAUC next meeting about the trip.

Next meeting is Wednesday, November 17 at 8 am at Bergin Park, weather permitting.